Virtual Story Booth

Our story booth can be used on any computer, tablet or smart phone by simply visiting this page. Share your story or support I AM HOPE here by taking a snap or recording a short video.

Story Booth FAQ's

You will need to give access to camera and microphone functionalities on your device and agree to our terms of use when instructed in order to use this facility.


After taking your photo or recording your video, and choosing your overlay/backdrop click ‘NEXT’. then wait approx 10sec (sometimes it can take longer) a popup screen will open asking for your email address after you click ‘SUBMIT’ your media will be emailed to you on the email address you provide.

Please note: If nothing happens after you click ‘Submit’, don’t be alarmed. It is working – just check your email inbox. If you still can’t see your email be sure to also look for it in your spam box. 

Share your photos on social media! Be sure to include the URL for your fundraising page, tag us on @meliekerrr  & @iamhope_nz and use our hashtag #treadingwaternz.

Max recording time is 2 minutes (120 seconds)

Digitally replaced backgrounds only work with our photo functionality.  When you record a video it will use your own background.